Brohm/Ottersbach – Culatra/Areal

Joachim Brohm
, Culatra 08: Tractor #1

Heribert Ottersbach, Transformation, 2009

Joachim Brohm, Culatra 08: Beach

Heribert Ottersbach, untitled (Areal), 2009

Inspired by a series of paintings Ottersbach created in 2005/06 after travelling to the Portuguese island of Culatra, Brohm starts working on his Culatra cycle in 2008 after the artist’s first joint visit to the island. Harbouring fishermen, immigrants and dropouts, the scarcely populated island does not remain unaffected by the challenges of social change. Brohm returns three times within a year to produce his new series of 21 photographs, in which he reformulates the image of Culatra not only in a different medium, but also through a fundamentally different approach to the subject matter. Ottersbach, meanwhile, seeks inspiration from Areal, a series of some 300 photographs taken by Brohm between 1992 and 2002 on an industrial estate under redevelopment on the outskirts of Munich. Fascinated with Brohm’s accuracy in terms of composition and content, Ottersbach manages to extract details from his documentary photographs, on the basis of which he then creates new images which can only be achieved in this form through painting. Rather than reformulating the image, he completely transforms it. All photographs and paintings born of this creative dialogue are readily identifiable as an integral part of each artist’s respective oeuvre.”

Infelizmente esta exposição encontra-se um pouco fora de mão(Colónia-Galerie Michael Wiesehöfer), mas esta influência mútua entre fotografia e pintura dá-me sempre muita curiosidade em ver.

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