These photographers are true innovators. For them photography is a tool with which to display their experiences and their philosophies about life in general. In this sense they are akin to their colleagues in painting Michael Borremans and Luc Tuymans. The medium photography contributes to the re-birth of the photographer as a painter-photographer. The battle between an old art: painting, and a relatively young one: the 172-year old medium photography, may very well be over. The photographer no longer endures the world, but rather conquers it with a new gaze and a new “Depth of Field”. This is an extremely inspiring experience.” Retirado de um press-release. O fotógrafo partilha experiências, é pintura; se filosófa, é pintor; em meditando, pinta. Mas há mais pérolas, é o medium que contribui para o “renascimento” do fotógrafo-pintor, embora mais pareça que é a ignorância que contribui para tal fenómeno. É Carnaval…

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