larry clark

“Jutta Koether: It seems that you always stick to one theme but from different angles. Do you feel like an artist or is your work just the result of what is happening in life to you?

Larry Clark: Well, the way I work is the one theme with myself. That’s the theme. The work all comes from a psychological need. See the images that I make. These were photographs that I cut out of books or magazines and whatever. It’s really a psychological need. I’m just jerked around by it. I’m pulled by it.

Koether: You don’t control it.

Clark: I don’t control it. If I controlled it, I’d be very controlled, it would be like Mozart, I’d just turn it out. I’m not the fastest worker in the world. Takes me a long time to get rolling. It more or less just happens. I have to force myself to just sit in the corner and not do anything.

Koether: There is no end to it anyway. It doesn’t look like it.

Clark: It’s just trying to keep it going. I think the process of doing it is all about conquering fear. I think it’s all fear-based.

Koether: Fear?

Clark: Yeah, fear. Till I get to these places in myself and make something out of it, do the work. It’s difficult to explain.”

Depois de um começo de entrevista como este, nem vale a pena postar fotos. Descobri hoje que é o mesmo que realizou o assombrosamente realista e ensombrado KIDS, sobre a AIDS na adolescência nova-iorquina.

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