o deserto do real

The pursuit of the Real thus equals total annihilation, a (self)destructive fury within which the only way to trace the distinction between the semblance and the Real is, precisely, to STAGE it in a fake spectacle (…) And was the bombing of the WTC with regard to the Hollywood catastrophe movies not like the snuff pornography versus ordinary sado-maso porno movies? This is the element of truth in Karl-Heinz Stockhausen’s provocative statement that the planes hitting the WTC towers was the ultimate work of art: one can effectively perceive the collapse of the WTC towers as the climactic conclusion of the XXth century art’s “passion of the real” – the “terrorists” themselves did not primarily do it to provoke real material damage, but FOR THE SPECTACULAR EFFECT OF IT.

Welcome to the Desert of the Real. adequado ao mês. Lacan volta já amanhã, “as an epistemological jesuit”.

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