Os Sem Nome

This exhibition is based in a research regarding new ways of thinking science fiction which we live between artistic production democratized by new technologies and curatorial research. Photographers that share images in the flickr internet network and who virtually meet in a globalized context sharing local images of a country that one might recognize as being Portugal. Exhibition of photographic images in digital forma of ways of look: roads, people at cafes, loves, cars, abandoned factories with sea and sky always present. The territory we draw today doesn’t bring borders, but an enlightenment that distinguishes itself from other geographies; Authors without first name, without signature, the work of art to be found within an invented name and real as the fiction which we live in our day by day between facebooks and video-conferences; This is the portrait of a country who thinks its Present from a distance, with the clarity that this doesn’t allow to have. We don’t sign a collective story, but we keep in a virtual memory, the images that we built through our passage by a real territory. Os Sem Nome are all of us, but their portrait still might be unknown to us.

Uma proposta anónima. (via The F Blog)

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