Um lar para os lares do México

Livia Corona
, da série Two Million Homes for Mexico

«These are not the neighborhoods of a “Home Sweet Home” dream fulfilled, but are ubiquitous grids of ecological and social intervention on a scale and of consequences that are difficult to grasp. In these places, urbanization is reduced to the mere construction of housing. There are nearly no public amenities—such as schools, parks, and transportation systems. There are few commercial structures—such as banks and grocery stores. Yet demand for these low-income homes continues to increase and developers continue to provide them with extreme efficiency. During Fox’s six-year presidency, 2,350,000 homes were built, at a rate of 2,500 homes per day, and this trend is set to continue

Alejandro Cartagena, da série Fragmented Cities

After photographing these landscapes for the past 3 years I have now returned to many of the finished housing complexes and learned of many misfortunes the new inhabitants are facing, the ecological impact and the increasing distance being formed between the well-urbanized city and these new fragmented cities in the peripheries; a new chaotic ambient to which México is growing into. Expectantly what I strive for with these aesthetic representations is to point out and open relationships between issues created by an economy-driven State and how our society resides in the dilemma of living as capitalists but wishing for a fairer World.

Duas abordagens fotográficas ao fenómeno da construção de casas em massa, impulsionada pelo governo mexicano para fazer frente a questões de alojamento, de crescimento das cidades, de organização do território e eventualmente de resolução de alguns aspectos sociais de ordem conflitante, nomeadamente desigualdades no acesso e redistribuição de rendimentos.

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